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Warnagiris, Chris--Art



Phone: 397-4200 ext. 3148


My Schedule

1st Period     8:50-9:39       Art 2

2nd Period    9:45-10:36     Art 2

3rd Period    10:42-11:31    Conference

4th Period     11:37-12:26   Art 4/Art AP 2-D design

5th Period     12:32-1:21     Art 2

6th Period     1:27-2:16       Lunch

7th Period      2:22-3:11      Art 2 Pre-AP/Art 3

8th Period      3:16-4:05      Art 2

Warren Visual Art


Welcome to Art at Warren High School.  In this class students learn about artwork, artists, art processes and primarily creating artwork.  In the course syllabus you will find more information about the structure and requirements for the class.  There is also a list of the required supplies students will need for producing your artwork. 

About Me   

I am looking forward to another great year at Warren!  I am a NISD product, graduating from Clark high school in 1989. I studied art, architecture and interior design at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating from UT in 1993 I worked as a project designer with architectural firms in Austin and San Antonio. After enjoying a career in architecture I decided to become a teacher when my kids were born.  In 2000 I taught Art at my alma mater, Clark high school.  Now, after having taught at Clark, Marshall, and Stevens high school I am teaching art to the talented students of Earl Warren high school, and I am enjoying it tremendously!


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