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 Welcome back, art will take off at Forester Elementary soon.  Students will start off with oil pastel projects.   Soon students will be moving into different painting projects.  In a couple weeks I will have some of the oil pastels up in the hall ways.   All students are using different kinds of oil pastels for their first project.  Each grade level is learning how to use pastels in a different way, appropriate for their abilities.  Students are learning how to use the art room.  And how to use different resources to help them create their masterpieces. 


 I  am one of the leaders for student council which meets two Thursday's of every month.  We will start up a school store that will run on Friday mornings from 7:15am to the bell.  We are working on our new shirt, and looking forward to meeting our new members soon. 

On Fridays I will be starting up an art club.  Art club will run on regular Fridays from 3 to 4pm.   Art club is open to any fifth grader who would like to join.  We create many fun and exciting projects in art club, like glass necklaces, duct tape wallets, and capri sun pouches.

This year I will also coach a 5th grade chalk team to compete at Los Leones.  The team will work on drawing a wild cat in chalk on a side walk square in Leon Valley.  Chalk team will meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting on September 8 until we compete sometime between October and Nov..

I also help out with choir on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and at all functions. 

Art Contests:

There will be lots of different contests during the year that students will be able to enter if they wish too.  For example this year we will participate in Los Leones art show, the symphony contest, River Parade, and several other fun contests I will provide information on as it comes to me. 

phone: 397-0200 (3115)

Happy to hear from you anytime.


8:30 - 9:15am Kinder

9:20 - 10:05am First grade

10:15 - 11:00am Second grade

11:05 - 11:50am  Third grade

11:50 - 12:30pm Lunch

12:30 - 1:15pm Fourth grade

1:20 - 2:05pm Fifth Grade

2:05- 2:45pm conference

2:45-3:00pm duty


Thank you for stopping by and have a colorful, creative day.







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