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Allison Arceo- 1st and 4th

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Guidance Program Model

Your Fernandez counselors follow the district and state guidelines for presenting the Guidance curriculum to students.  This includes classroom instruction, small group intervention, and individual counseling to students.  The purpose of the school guidance counselor is to assist students as they navigate developmental challenges that may impact their learning and academic and social success. Additionally, we utilize a set of seven skill goals to achieve our purpose.  In depth information is available at the district Guidance and Counseling webpage accessed by this link:

Guidance Resources

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Take a look at this! It's an interesting and wonderful look at bully behavior and what we, as parents, teachers, community leaders can really do to combat it. WOW!!
An excellent website for bullying information for parents and teachers.
Information about bullying, and related links
Offering information (including cyber bullying) and safety guidelines for helping you and your child stay safe on the internet.
Being a good father is one of the most important and challenging things you can do!
A marvelous link to provide you and your student with information that will encourage you to begin thinking beyond your student's current grade level, how to succeed NOW, and how to prepare for a bright future. Don't miss it!
The 40 Developmental Assets
This is the website of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Here, you'll find a wealth of information to include child friendly safety activities.
Great information and helpful resources for military families.
Teach your kids about money matters.
Newsletter from ESC (Education Service Center) 16, updated monthly
More information about the Six Pillars of Character
Grief and trauma resources for parents

Guidance at a Glance!

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Helpful Hints

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Parenting Issues and Programs; Community Resources

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Critical Testing Information

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