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ALPHA-Gifted and Talented


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G/T Enrichment Specialist:  Mr. Lane
Classroom: F113
Contact Information:     

(210) 397-5300 X3113

Conference Time: 9:20-10:00

I am available for tutoring before school every day except Wednesdays.  Students are free to stop by if they need extra help or clarification on an assignment. 


Week of 12/1/2014

6th grade:  We will be working on culture and how it shapes the world.  Students will get a brief overview of the major world religions.  The rest of the week we will be researching conflicts that are caused by a clash in cultures.  


7th grade:  We will be learning about "The Road to Revolution."  The learning will culminate in creating a board game based on the learning.  


8th grade:  We will be starting our unit on Architecture and Design.  Winning designs will have their projects printed from a 3-D printer.


 HOMEWORK:  6th grade only--> Continue to work on your GT Project.  This is due at the end of the semester.





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