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Health Sciences Careers

Health Science Careers
The mission of HCHS is to prepare students for an occupation in the health care field as well as to strive for career and educational excellence. This is accomplished by integrating academics with the health/medical careers and career courses.  These classes are what make Health Careers High School truly unique.  Students learn about the many different aspects of the Health field.  From Dental Science to Pharmacology the students learn basic safety practices and proper terminology.  Students learn to use the tools for each health field.  Hands-on activities in the classrooms and labs or in the field are included.

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2011-12 Clinical app.pdf 3/23/2011
2011-12 Careers Prep app.pdf 3/23/2011
2011-12 Pharm Tech app.pdf 3/23/2011
2011-12 CSPDT app.pdf 3/23/2011
2011-12 SRD app.pdf 3/23/2011


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