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Welcome to the Health

Careers High School

Counseling Department!



Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30

Counselors' Phone: (210) 397-5408

Counselors' Fax: (210) 617-5428

CEEB Code for SAT/ACT: 446148


Our Staff

Head Counselor

Ms. Koeller

(Rod - Z) 

(210) 397-5408 

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Ms. Phelps

(A - Lop)

(210) 397-5408

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Ms. Gonzalez


(210) 397-5408

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Mrs. Spiekermann


(210) 397-5408

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College Advisor

Ms. Cook

College Readiness

(210) 397-5440

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Student Success Adviser

Mr. Moseley


(210) 397-5446

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Important Documents

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PLC flyer13-14 (5) (2).pdf 2/17/2014

Helpful Links

Site Description
Dates and Times for SAT Tests 2013-2014.
Dates and times for ACT Tests 2013-2014.
The "building blocks of healthy development" by Search Institute.
Funded by the city of San Antonio, Cafe College aims to help all students go to college by assisting with college applications, completing the FAFSA, and by providing other college application assistance.
Link to a self-paced training, designed to help parents talk to children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and know how to get help.
A link to the NISD website for STAAR information.


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