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HCHS abounds with technology. This includes technology for the teachers and the students.

  • laptops for every teacher
  • 5 computer labs including one in the libray
  • carts of netbooks for teachers to use in the classroom
  • color and black printers
  • digital cameras and flip cameras
  • journalism equipment
  • foreign language lab
  • iPod and iPod touch carts
  • student workstations in all classrooms


Site Description
What is allowed and not allowed when using district technology resources?
Teachers can access their H: drive by logging in using their secure logon and password.
Award winning library of royalty-free music from
Students can upload works in progress and turn in completed assignments. Logon is the letter "S" followed by your student ID number. Your password is your normal password (first four last four).
This is used to turn in an assignment. You must first copy the file saved in your student locker then open the turn in folder for your teacher and period. Then paste the file in the folder. You will not be able to paste a file with the same file name twice so if you need to turn something in again, change the file name.
This program is used to check your writing to make sure you are writing in your own words and not plagiarizing another source. Logon using your gaggle e-mail address. For example, Your password is your normal password (first four last four).


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