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5th grade will be a very important milestone in the academic and social life of the students.  Every child will work towards, attain, or enrich their own mindset of high expectations. We hope to work closely alongside with parents to make this a very successful year for all students.


Reading As a Lifestyle

We will begin the year by helping each student build a reading life, creating an identity, and assuming the role of a powerful reader!

The first couple of weeks will be spent setting up personal, functional, and engaging notebooks.  Students will be expected to read on daily basis, both at school and at home.  Their guided and independent reading will be reflected in their notebooks.  They are expected to have notes and authentic reflections as part of their notebooks.  We will use their notebooks on a daily basis and will be incorporated into their grade.

Not every child loves to read, but my goal is that every student appreciates literature and learns to build a life in which reading matters!


Language Arts

We will be working on spelling units every week.  A new set of words will be assigned at the beginning of each week.  Tests will be on Fridays.  Please look for a set of words in their binders and agendas.

The students will also be assigned an essay every other week.  The prompt will be given on Tuesdays and the completed essay is due on Friday. 



Everyday we try to spend a portion of our math block working on a review of all objectives previously taught (from every grade prior, and up to 5th).  The rigor of this review will increase as the year progresses. Most newly taught  material is introduced in the form of notes with examples onto our math notebooks.  We use our math notebooks on a daily basis sometimes, so we do not encourage them to take the notebooks home.  If they need to use them for work completion or to study, they are allowed to take it with them.

Place Value


Social Studies

Social Studies

Students will begin to study American history from the 1950s to the present.  They will understand events, be familiar with key historical figures, significant ideas and their political, economic, geographic, and social impact.

Accelerated Reader/ Literature Unit

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