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 No Excuses! No Miracles!  Just Hard Work!

 My name is Cathy Herrera. I am going on my 24th year of teaching and do not plan to stop.   My undergraduate degree is from the University of Texas at Austin and my graduate degree is from Texas A & M Corpus Christi. I also have a Masters of Science in School Counseling. First and foremost,  I enjoy reading  and try to instill in my students the love of reading. I do believe reading is an adventure and when you read you can “Enter a world where animals talk and people fly and it might just rain chocolate raindrops…..”  This passage is what my students see when they enter the classroom.  My teaching philosophy is to make your child’s kindergarten experience into an adventure that will last throughout their lives.  I hope to create college bound, life- long- learners.  


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games and learning activities
games and learning activities
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