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Welcome To The Library!


My name is Cynthia Elizondo.  

I LOVE being the Librarian at Helotes Elementary! 

 It is so wonderful to be able to work with all of the students and teachers. I love encouraging students to read, and seeing their love of reading grow is so rewarding.  Prior to being a librarian, I taught Kindergarten here at Helotes Elementary for eight years.   I received my BA at U.T.S.A. and my Master's in Library and Information Sciences from the University of North Texas. 

There is always something happening in the library!  If you would like to be a part of the fun, please give me a call or email me.  We are always looking for volunteers and we would love to have you join us!

Did you know?

The library will now be open at 7:15 a.m. every day!  Please come by and join in the fun!  You can check out books, take an Accelerated Reader test, read a magazine... 

  It's just the best place to be!

You can reach me at 210-397-3836 or at

E-mail Me

Schoolwide Reading Programs

We have so many reading incentive programs at Helotes Elementary!  We are sure you'll find one that works just right for you.  Please look over our reading program guidelines and jump right in!

Schoolwide Reading Programs

We have so many wonderful reading programs at Helotes Elementary!   We love reading so much, we reward our Bulldogs who love reading too!  Please look at the reading programs below.  I'm sure you'll find one that's just right for you!   Join in on the fun and read, read, read! 

Reading for Dogtags!

Students are rewarded for reading at Helotes Elementary!  Students will be recording their reading minutes in their agendas on a monthly basis.  Special reading dog tags are given after each reading log is completed.  Students are also eligible to receive a free pizza coupon monthly from Pizza Hut and a free ticket to Fiesta Texas if they turn in 3 or more sheets from their reading logs.  Earn all 8 dog tags and you will spell  B.U.L.L.D.O.G.S.!   A special dog tag will be given to all students who complete all 8 reading log sheets to spell B.U.L.L.D.O.G.S! 


Accelerated Reader

Students in Kindergarten through Fifth can earn points for every book they read!  Accelerated Reader is a program that allows students to take quizzes on books that they have read.  If the book is listed among the over 100,000 quizzes available, students can take a quiz on that book and earn points.  The points add up and prizes are awarded for the different point clubs!  It's a fun way to challenge yourself, so set your goals high!


Texas Ten

 Second grade students are invited to participate in a very special reading program.  This program begins in January and ends in May.  Each second grade classroom is given a set of ten books that have been selected by the librarian.  Students who wish to participate must read all ten of these books by the beginning of May.  Students are tested on their knowledge of these books, and top six students in each classroom will make up their class' team.  All second grade teams then compete to see who knows the most about the books read.  Every student who takes a reading test will receive a special ribbon.  Students who make the official teams will receive a medal.  The winning class has their name engraved onto a trophy!


Bluebonnet Reading Program

  Students in grades Third through Fifth are invited to participate in this wonderful reading program.  The Texas Bluebonnet Association nominates twenty books every year for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Students who read 10 of these nominees by the beginning of December are invited to a voting celebration in the library.  Voters are rewarded with very special prizes for casting vote.  Students who read all twenty of the nominated books by May are invited to a super celebration in the library.  Readers are rewarded with even bigger and better prizes!  The exciting part of this program is that the award is given to the book that receives the most votes that are cast exclusively by students!  How exciting!


Summer Reading Program

   Students in Kindergarten through Fourth grade are rewarded for completing a reading log over the summer.   Flyers are sent out each May with a reading log on the back of it.  Simply complete the reading log, turn it in to the library in September, and you will be rewarded!


 Happy Reading!

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