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Welcome to the Kindergarten Web Page...

  On this page you will find information which pertains to both kindergarten classes. If you'd like to know about specific homeroom information, click on your child's teacher's name to see her homepage. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Kinder Schedule

Title Filename Modified
13-14 Kinder schedule.pdf 3/22/2014
13-14 Friday schedule.pdf 3/22/2014

Parent Information

Title Filename Modified
13-14 TEKS 2-pg.pdf 8/31/2013
Shining_Stars_Kindergarten.pdf 9/10/2010

Kinder Sight Words

Title Filename Modified
Microsoft Word - blue words.pdf 2/1/2013
Microsoft Word - greenwords.pdf 2/1/2013
Microsoft Word - orange words.pdf 11/16/2012
Microsoft Word - purple words.pdf 2/1/2013
Microsoft Word - red words.pdf 1/21/2011
Microsoft Word - yellow words.pdf 11/16/2012