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Evangeline Riojas

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  Counselors Care

   I am Evangeline Riojas(Ms. Van) and I am the counselor for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Fifth. I will be available to help any child in any grade.Throughout my 35+ years as a professional, I have been a children's librarian,a teacher and a counselor.I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Library Science and a Masters in Education from Our lady of the Lake University. I am certified in elementary education, kindergarten ,bilingual education and school counseling. NISD has provided me the opportunity to receive specialized training in the areas of : Peer Mediation,Conflict Resolution,Grief and Trauma Counseling, Love and Logic, Active Parenting, 40 Developmental Assets, Reality Therapy, Drug and Violence Intervention Training, Play and Art Therapy, Goal Setting, Class Meetings, Advisory, and training for conducting small groups counseling.

I look forward to working with all the children and parents of Passmore Elementary School and know that this will be an EXTRAORDINARY year. You can reach me at 397-0526 or email