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Jack C. Jordan Middle School
1725 Richland Hills Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78251
Telephone: (210)397-6203
  Gilbert Garza & Benjamin Grabber,
Band Directors
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  • Jaguar 8th Grade Band
  • Jaguar 7th Grade Band
  • Jaguar Beginner Brass
  • Jaguar Beginner Percussion
  • Jaguar Beginner Woodwinds
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Mr. Garza - Conference Period 4th:11:04am - 12:05pm

Mr. Grabber - Conference Period 6th:1:14 - 2:00

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The Jaguar 8th Grade Band is the varsity ensemble. This band perform at least 6 - 8 concerts a year and students are offered a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year.  The Jaguar 7th Grade Band is the next step up from the beginner band. Students must meet a rigourous criteria which includes; musical preparedness, academic eligibility and overall citizenship.  These are the next steps at the middle school level before the students progress to the high school band. Please refer to the Jordan Band calendar of events and the Band Handbook for all detailed information. Please click on the links located to the left margin of this page for more updated Jaguar Band information throughout the year. 

There are four sections of Beginner Band classes that meet daily. Students learn through varied curriculum to read, write and perform music of varied styles on their band instruments. This is the first level on the band student's journey through the exciting world of school band music. Please refer to the Jaguar Band Handbook, band syllabus and calendar for detailed information.



Meet the Teacher

Mr. Garza (B.M.E., University of Texas at San Antonio; M.M., Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York) has been at Jordan Middle School since it's opening in 1993. Mr. G has been at Northside since 1987 with his first teaching assignment at Neff MS. Mr. Garza's bands have won numerous first division awards at UIL contests. Many of Mr. Garza's students have continued their musical successes in their high school, college and professional level as musicians and teachers. Mr. Garza has been a professional musician since he was a junior in high school. Mr. Garza is a member of many professional organizations including: Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters Association, Music Educators National Conference, San Antonio Musicians Society, Local 42. Mr. G performs professionally in the south Texas area as a "sideman" with many different groups and artists.. Mr. Garza enjoys sharing his experiences as an educator and musician to help his students in thier continued success. Please click on Mr. Garza's link on the left margin for more important information.