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possums  Visit your John Glenn Librarian , who loves being part of this school's learning community, where we all learn something new every day (for details, see our Weekly Calendar),  The  Library Staff wants all our parents, teachers, and students to become comfortable in using our great set of resources, which include  books, online experts, and puppets that love to repeat your both your questions... and also, the answers that you find!

moose studentAs we all know, just going to the Internet to find information is a good way to lose time and come up with wrong answers.  A better way is to use the online databases that come to us through NISD Library Services, the Region 20 Education Service Center, and the state of Texas.

raccoon student Each grade level participates in a collaborative integrated unit in order to learn how to plan, carry out, and present projects.  Small-group study sessions for Grades K-2 engage students in using variations of the Super 3 (plan, do, review) and smilar sessions for Grades 3-5 involve our older students through processes based on the Big 6. (Eisenberg and Berkowitz)

squirrel studentOur integrated units begin with a Kickoff where teachers and librarian model teamwork and enthusiasm about finding information.  They continue with small-group study sessions, described above.  They culminate in many different ways, and utilize technology in increasingly creative ways, ranging from student-created slide-shows to white board competitions and celebrations. Take a look at right-hand column to see the units we have collaborated in this school year.  The kickoff is just the beginning.  Once the study begins, it lasts year-long... and hopefully, life-long!  






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Our state-of-the-art library is a student-centered, flexibly scheduled, curriculum-oriented, collaborative place for learning to love reading and for becoming familiar with information-finding strategies.
Our library is named for the school's first principal, George C. Skinner.

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Patience McGuire, Ph.D., Librarian Carmela Longoria, excellent Library Assistant
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Story Time Links (authors' websites and more)..... Explorer's' Links (other libraries, online reference tools)..... Professional Links for Librarians
Use this list to get a book titles according to a specific reading level range; for example, 2.1 - 2.4.
The is the page you get when you go to the home page of John Glenn Elementary School and select LIBRARY from the drop-down menu.

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