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Speech & Debate


Congratulations! You can still join the John Jay High School and Science & Engineering Academy Speech and Debateteam! Our program is centered on producing the best and brightest students in the state. Imagine your potential as a graduate with a background in forensics . . . you will think faster, argue better, and speak clearly with a sense of purpose and style. 

Of course, success is a direct result of character, integrity, and hard work. We will expect you to work harder than you have ever worked. The medals, the trophies, and the exciting weekend debate tournaments are just part of the reason we work hard and have fun. You will be required to give up several Fridays and Saturdays to attend tournaments, but we guarantee that the rewards for your hard work and determination will far outweigh the time and effort contributed to the program. 

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Andrea Mancillas in Portable R-103.  

Update: October 19, 2009