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Griselda Vrooman, Department Chair - Room B230  

Richard Hill - Room - L217

Maria Harris - Room - L203     

Earl Niles - Room - B228 

Coach William Taylor - Room - B233 


Business Courses Offered



Careers in animation span all aspects of motion graphics.  Within this context, in addition to developing technical knowledge and skills needed for success in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications career cluster, students will be expected to develop an understanding of the history and techniques of the animation industry.  Recommended prerequisite:  Principles of Information Technology, Graphic Design and Illustration or Arts I.

Business Management

Student analyzes the primary functions of management and leadership incorporating social responsibility of business and industry. Students develop a foundation in the economical, financial, technological, international, social, and ethical aspects of business to become competent managers, employees, and entrepreneurs. Students integrate the legal, managerial, marketing financial, ethical, and the national dimensions of business to make appropriate in management decisions. Pre-requisite: Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance.

 Digital and Interactive Media

Through the study of digital and interactive media and its application in information technology, students will analyze and assess current and emerging technologies, while designing and creating multimedia projects that address customer needs and resolve problems. Pre-requisite: Principles of Information Technology.

 Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance

Course focuses on economics and private enterprise systems, the impact of global business marketing of goods and services, advertising, and product pricing. Students analyze the sales process and financial management principles. No pre-requisite.

 Principles of Information Technology

 Students use emerging technologies, demonstrate ethical use of the Internet and explain issues concerning Internet security protocols. Students identify the hardware components of the computer and demonstrate an understanding of file extensions. Students produce and format various documents with both text and graphics, input formulas and utilize preprogrammed functions in documents and tables. Students apply design and web publishing techniques. No pre-requisite.

Touch Entry System

Students develop psychomotor skill in operating the keyboard as well as achieving acceptable speed and accuracy levels. Reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills are applied to the business environment. Students will need to apply touch system data entry for production of business documents. No pre-requisite.

 Virtual Business

Students incorporate a broad base of knowledge that includes the legal, managerial, marketing, financial ethical, and international dimensions of business to make appropriate business decisions.  Students will be able to identify steps needed to locate customers, set fees, and develop client contracts.  Student will be able to provide administrative, creative, and technical services using advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery.  The student builds a functional website that incorporates the essentials of a virtual business.  Recommended prerequisite:  Touch System Data Entry

Web Technologies

Through the study of web technologies and design, students learn to make informed decisions and apply the decisions to the field of information technology. Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment.  Pre-requisite: Principles of Information Technology.