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At John Jay HighSchool we want all students to graduate in four years!  Our academic support programs are dedicated to providing assistance to students who are failing or in danger of failing.  We encourage our students to take advantage of tutoring with their teachers, departmental tutoring, or with one of the designated programs listed below.  If you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.  Let's work together to make every student a college graduate!


There are numerous opportunities offered for tutoring. Check with the classroom teacher for dates and times for departmental tutoring and teacher tutoring.

Guided Study Hall

Guided Study Hall is a local course that provides students with study/tutoring time to keep up with their courses.

Freshman Leadership

FLA is a local course designed to provide first time 9th graders with leadership and study skills that will lead to academic and personal success.

Credit Retrieval

Credit Retreival is provided for students that have failed courses or who are overaged and undercredited. The program is offered on the computer with support from certified teachers. Applications are available in the counseling office.  For further information contact your school counselor.

Attendance Recovery for Course Credit

Regular attendance is an important part of being successful in high school. Students are required by law to be in attendance at least 90% of the time which equates to no more than 9 absences per semester. Once a students exceeds the allowable number of absences for a course the student is denied credit. Students with excessive absences may be issued an attendance warning notice which may lead to a court referral. See Mrs. Aracely Garcia, Assistant Principal for further information. 


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