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Welcome to the Reading Department

D eveloping good reading skills is an ongoing process, and it requires just as much attention for our older students as it does for beginning readers. In today’s fast-paced world, literacy demands are expanding, and they include more reading and writing tasks than at any other time in history. Students need high levels of literacy to understand the vast amount of information available to them, and to fuel their imaginations as they help create the world of the future.

Ms. Fournier & the International Reading Association believe that adolescent learners require:

  • A wide variety of reading material that appeals to their interests
  • Instruction that builds their skills and desire to read increasingly complex materials
  • Assessment that reveals their strengths as well as their needs
  • Expert teachers across the curriculum
  • Reading specialists to assist those learners who experience difficulty
  • Teachers who understand the complexities among individual adolescent readers
  • Homes and communities that support their learning