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Freshman Center


Message from Freshman Center Assistant Principal, Bobby Baiza

Welcome to John Jay High School and the Freshmen Center. I am excited to be your Freshmen Center Administrator. I look forward to working with you this year. Your transition from the Jr. High to the High School is very important to us. It is my desire to get to know and assist you in a success high school experience.

John Jay’s goal for you this year is that you be successful in your academic endeavors, be a student exemplifying good character and seeking every opportunity to be involved in high school social events and extracurricular activities.  


Go Mustangs, Class of 2017

Bobby Baiza, Assistant Principal

Freshmen Leadership Center Department Information


Business Department Teachers

Felicia Breed- Business        Maria Harris- Business

Fine Arts Department Teachers

Lucy Hall- Fine Arts                Carol Weissler- Fine Arts

English Department Teachers            

Celinda De La Fuente- English 1        Bernice Ibarra- English 1     Margaret Boozer-English 1

Shea Call- English 1                          Donna Crover- English 1

Social Studies Department Teachers

Tanya Anderson- W. Geography         Adriana  Anzuldua- W. Geography             

Nelson Barnes- W. Geography           Brian Jerden - W. Geography

Thomas Hatten- W. Geography

Mathematics Department Teachers

Shannon Giles- Alg 1           Christopher Hancock- Alg 1       Brian Ochoa- Alg 1

Tiffany Belk- Alg 1              Adrian Cabasos- Alg 1

 Science Department Teachers

 Nicole O’Grady- Bio            Carly Martinez- Bio              Skariat Taylor- Bio                

Jennifer Castro- Bio            Leticia Esteves- Bio

ROTC Department Leadership

SMSGT James Henry        Richard Hill



Welcome to John Jay High School

The Freshmen Center welcomes Ms. Margaret Boozer to our teaching Staff.  She is coming to us from O'Connor HS.  She will be teaching English 1 and assuming the Department Chair position for the school.  Thank you for coming to join our John Jay Family.