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Ayala, Dolores

Assignments and Notes 2nd Six Weeks

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Campus Rules and Policies

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Online Tutorials and Resources

Site Description
Great site for future college students!
Great website to help you prepare for the AP Spanish Literature exam.
Online textbook and tutorials
Great way to learn currency of other countries!
¡Muy Interesante!
Donate rice AND complete tutorials!
Self- Portraits
Hangman and Word Searches
Performances Celebrating Hispanic Heritage
Online study guide to Spanish history
Videos, Música, etc.
Latin American Art
English-Spanish Spanish-English
Learn about everything!!
Practice Exercises
Listen to songs while practicing Spanish
Great for future Rattlers!
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Great website for future Bobcats!!
Great site for future Tigers!
Great site for future Roadrunners!
Games and Tutorials

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Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is located in which Spanish city?

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Picasso's Guernica was inspired by what tragic event?

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Puerto Rico 2012, "la garita"
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Dolores Ayala
International Languages Dept.
Spanish Teacher
Spanish Club Sponsor
Spanish Honor Society Sponsor
Conference: 6th period
 397-2700 ex. 3242
Contact Ms. Ayala
Tutoring Information:
Wednesdays 5th and 6th lunch
Tuesdays and Thursdays
4:20-5:30pm in B202
(On Lab Days B216)

Hola Mustangs,
Thanks for visiting my web page.  I hope you find useful information
about my classes and weekly announcements for the Spanish club.  
I will be updating this web page every day so I encourage you to
email me if you have any questions, ideas, and suggestions.  If I
can help you in any way, please feel free to let me know. Espero
tengamos un buen año. ¡Hasta luego!  J
Students will be successful when
treated as capable and unique
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Induction Ceremony

    Treviño Mural

Spanish Honor Society Induction
Ceremony- April 8, 2009

Artist Jesse Treviño and Dolores Ayala

Go Jay!

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Fall 2007 Run-Through Banner

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Calavera with Marigolds
Día de Los
2 de noviembre


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