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Cantu, Jennifer

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Period 1      Room B231      AVID 2/Comm Apps
Period 2      Room B231      AVID 3
Period 3      Room B231      AVID 3
Period 4      Room B231      AVID 2/Comm Apps
Period 5      Room B231      Lunch
Period 6      Room B231      Conference
Period 7      Room B231      AVID 2/Comm Apps 
Period 8      Room B231      AVID 2/Comm Apps

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AVID Agreement.pdf 10/3/2011
Binder Organization.pdf 1/22/2011
Agenda-Binder Rubric.pdf 10/8/2011
Tutorial Request Form.pdf 1/29/2011
Cornell Notes PPT.pdf 1/22/2011
Costa Three Levels of Questioning.pdf 1/22/2011
Costas Signal Words.pdf 1/22/2011
Weekly Grade Check.pdf 1/22/2011
Guest Speaker Rubric.pdf 1/22/2011
Tutorial Rubric.docx 3/2/2012
Community Service form.pdf 8/24/2013


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AVID 2 Syllabus.pdf 10/3/2011
JohariWindow.docx 3/2/2012
Speech Topics.pdf 10/3/2011


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AVID 3 Syllabus.pdf 10/3/2011
SAT Vocab Maps.docx 3/2/2012

Health Acceleration

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2014 Junior HA Dates.docx 2/8/2014

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Updated: February 6, 2014

 Advancement Via Individual Determination:  Decades of College Dreams
Advancement Via Individual Determination

Jennifer Cantú
AVID Coordinator
AVID 2/Comm Apps & AVID 3 Teacher
SAT/ACT Test Supervisor
Health Acceleration Teacher
210-397-2700 ext. 3271
Room B231

Tutoring Information

Tutorial Days are every Tuesday and Thursday during the AVID Elective class. Additional tutoring hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:05-5:05 in room B231.