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De La Fuente, Celinda


Class               Room              Ext. 3112
1st period L 108 English 1
2nd period L 108 English 1
3rd period L 108 English 1
4th period L 108 SRT/Lunch
5th period L 108 Conference
6th period L 108 English 1
7th period L 108 English 1
8th period L 108 English 1

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Welcome to Mrs.pdf 10/19/2013
Weekly Agenda _Weeks 3-4 of Second Six Weeks_.pdf 10/22/2013

Helpful Online Resources

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helps students with MLA citations
free online library
Short Videos for tips on reading and writing

Free Choice Reading


Reading daily can improve your child's grade not only in English class, but in all classes that require reading.  Every class involves reading.  Encourage your child to read at least 30 minutes a day, whether it's a magazine article, a comic book, or a novel.  Nothing is too big or too small to read! 


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Updated: October 14, 2013



Celinda De La Fuente 

English Teacher


  Contact Me

210-397-2700 ext 3112

Room: L108

Conference: 5th period, 12:30-1:19

Tutoring before school Mondays and Tuesdays and during SRT/Lunch 11:35am-11:50am Monday-Thursday.