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Estorga, Cynthia

My Schedule

1st    8:45 to 9:39  Eng. II PAPM
2nd   9:45 to 10:34 Eng. II PAP
3rd   10:40 to 11:29  Eng. III AP
4th    11:35 to 12:24  Eng. III AP
5th    12:30 to 1:19  Lunch/Tutorials
6th    1:25 to 2:14  Conference/Tutorials
7th    2:20 to 3:09 Eng. II PAP
8th    3:15 to 4:05  Eng. II PAPM

Eng. II PAP Classroom Information

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English II Pre-AP Syllabus.doc 8/28/2012

Eng. II PAP Lesson Plan/Agenda

Project Date

Eng. II PAP Assignments & Handouts

Title Filename Modified
I AM POEM.doc 1/13/2014
Letter to a Young Refugee Guided Reading Notes.docx 2/14/2014
Short Answer Questions for Refugee and Song of P'eng-ya.docx 2/14/2014
Winter reading assignment.docx 12/20/2013
Animal Farm Background.doc 8/20/2013
Animal Farm study questions.doc 8/20/2013
LitTerms-RhetoricalDev[1].pdf 8/20/2013
Bio Poem.doc 8/20/2013
Classification & Division Prewriting.doc 8/20/2013
Exemplification-Reflexive Essay Prompt.doc 8/20/2013
Hexagonal Prompt.doc 8/20/2013
Dialectical Notes- Of Mice and Men.doc 9/28/2013
Division presentation- Lady Gaga.pptx 8/20/2013 Directions.doc 8/20/2013
classification presentation.pptx 8/20/2013
Ratiocination.doc 9/25/2013


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English III AP Syllabus

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AP Language Syllabus.doc 8/27/2013
Letter to AP III parents 2013-2014.doc 8/27/2013

English III AP Lesson Plan/Agenda

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2013 First Six Weeks Day By Day--Agenda.doc 9/25/2013

English III AP Assignments & Handouts

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3rd Six Weeks Vocabulary List.doc 12/21/2013
English III AP Winter Reading Assignment.doc 11/23/2013
Double-Entry-Journal Format.doc 9/25/2013
Dialectical Notes.doc 9/25/2013


Cynthia C. Estorga
397-2700 ext. 3203
Rm. A203



Please schedule 5th/6th lunch or after-school tutoring.