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Gallo, Lindsay

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First Period: A208 English IV AP

Second Period: A208 English IV AP

Third Period: A208 English IV AP

Fourth Period: A 208 English IV AP

Fifth Period: Lunch

Sixth Period: A208 English IV AP

Seventh Period: A208 English IV AP

Eighth Period: Conference

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You may use this site as a supplement to our in class reading or for HW assignments. It's nicely divided by chapter; with each chapter audio recording lasting about 30 minutes at a time.

My Handouts

Title Filename Modified
Double-Entry-Journal Format.doc 10/22/2013
Lit Response Journal REVISED directions.docx 9/10/2014
AP English Poetry Terms (shortened) (1).doc 2/2/2015
College Essay PowerPoint Notes 2014 (1).pptx 10/6/2014
Dialectical_Note_Format.doc 12/20/2013
English IV classical poetry.doc 2/2/2015
Satire & Poetry.pptx 2/2/2015
English IV poetry assignment and rubric.doc 2/2/2015
Eng 4 PP on HTRLP.pptx 9/10/2014

Welcome to English III AP

Welcome to English IV AP

John Jay SEA

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My class phone is 397-2700, Ext. 3208.