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Gowens, Geoffrey


Coach Gowens' Schedule

Per.      Subject                   Room Number

1      Sports Med 1, 2               R112              

2      Sports Med 1, 2                R112

3      Freshmen Girls Athletics  Training Room 

4      Girls Athletics                    Training Room

5      Boys Athletics                   Training Room

6      Lunch

7      Planning/Conferen            Training Room

8      Freshmen Boys Athletics  Training Room

Helpful Resources : Textbook website - Great place for reviews and resources : Texas State Athletic Trainers' Association :  National Athelic Trainers' Association


Class Notes

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Geoff Gowens

World History Teacher / Athletic Trainer

Conference: 2:20--3:09 pm 

Training Room Phone #: 210-397-2762

E-mail: Contact Me

Weekly Schedule

Whats Going on This Week?

Week of  01/06/14 - 01/10/14 

Monday:          Semester in review

Tuesday:         Review of Movements

Wednesday:    Review Terminology

Thursday:        Practice Semester Exam

Friday:            Corrections and Questions