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Gregory, Toni

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Period 1     Attendance Office                

   Rm A108

Period 2     Computer Science 1AP 

   Rm A122

Period 3     Computer Science 1AP 

   Rm A122

Period 4

    Computer Science 1 PreAP

   Rm A122

Period 5


   Rm A122

Period 6     Computer Science 2 PreAP & 3 H

   Rm A122

Period 7     Credit Retrieval

   Rm A212

Period 8     Conference   

Helpful Online Resources

Site Description
Learn Binary to Decimal
A description of AP courses and some sample problems from the AP test.
Internet Security Competition
An online programming site and helpful hints. Some assignments will come from here.
Animates Java Code so you can see what is happening in memory.
USA programming competition. Great practice problems.

Helpful Documents

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DressC.pdf 10/10/2011
Microsoft Word - settingupjava.pdf 10/10/2011

Updated: September 10, 2013

Contact Information

Ms. Gregory

 Mrs. Gregory
Mathmatics Department
AP Computer Science Teacher
UIL Computer Science Coach


Contact me via email

Tutoring Information

After School Monday and Friday
4:10 - 5:15    Rm A122

Wednesday during 5th Lunch
Rm A122

UIL practice after school Monday's and Fridays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays during lunch.

CyberPatriot Practice Monday and Wednesday
4:10 - 5:15 Rm A122 or ROTC Building


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