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Guerrero, Ramiro

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For The Kids

For The Kids @JohnJay

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FTK is a student- led organization created to ignite a united effort across the John Jay/Science and Engineering Academy campus along with UTSA and Children's Hospital of San Antonio to support local families battling childhood cancer. If you want to get involved, come to A216 during 5th period lunch every Tuesday. It' for the kids!


Why We FTK

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The 2013 FTK Dance Marathon raised $40,455.63 for the families battling childhood cancer! We danced for 18 hours. We danced for those who can't, for the families, for the brothers, for the sisters, for the kids. This is why we invest ourselves fully into this great cause.

Welcome to PHYSICS!!!

Room A216 

AP Physics 1

Conference 1:50 pm-2:15 pm.


Phone: (210) 397-2700 ext.2714

Sponsor of For The Kids and Rowdy Mustang Crew

 VP of Parent Student Teacher Association (PTSA)


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