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Halpin, Shana

AP Language Handouts & Docs

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syllabus ap lang 2012-2013.doc 8/23/2012
Letter to parents II 2012-2013.doc 9/29/2012
AP Reading List by author.pdf 8/25/2012
AP Reading list by title.doc 8/25/2012
Double-Entry-Journal Format.doc 8/28/2012
academic research.docx 8/29/2012
3- Online Scavenger Hunt.doc 11/14/2012
Integrating Quotations.doc 9/13/2012
Introduction for Students.pdf 9/6/2012
Lit Terms and Rhetorical Devices Handbook.doc 9/4/2012
Rhetoric Packet0001.pdf 11/5/2012
Argument Essay on Shooting an Elephant.doc 10/11/2012
Shooting an Elephant Questions on rhetoric and style.doc 9/27/2012
Shooting an elephant text.doc 9/27/2012
The Language of Composition.ppt 11/12/2012

AP Language Weekly Lessons

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Lesson Plans-Week 1.doc 8/30/2012
Lesson Plans-Week 2.doc 8/30/2012
Lesson Plans-Week 3.doc 8/30/2012

Pre-AP English II Handouts & Docs

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Pre-AP English II Syllabus.doc 8/24/2012
Steinbeck_-_Of_Mice_and_Men.pdf 8/24/2012
AP Reading List by author.pdf 9/1/2012
AP Reading list by title.doc 8/25/2012
A Dream Deferred.doc 9/4/2012
Double-Entry-Journal Format.doc 8/28/2012
English II Pre AP Exemplification Reflexive Essay Prompt.doc 9/4/2012
Gregory.pdf 9/12/2012
Lit Terms and Rhetorical Devices Handbook.doc 9/4/2012
Eng II- 1st Six Weeks Test.doc 10/3/2012
Of Mice and Men Summer Reading Annotation Rubric.doc 9/4/2012

Pre-AP English II Weekly Lessons

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Eng 2- Yearly Agenda.doc 8/30/2012

Announcements CODES

1st period:   class id=5405066  password=halpin1
2nd period:   class id=5405078  password=halpin2
3rd period:   class id=5405085  password=halpin3
5th period:   class id=5405093  password=halpin5
7th period:   class id=5405099  password=halpin7
8th period:   class id=5405111  password=halpin8

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Daily Schedule and Tutorials

Regular Schedule

Morning tutorials 8:00-8:30 with prior notice
8:45-9:39 1st per.--AP Language
9:45-10:34 2nd per.--AP Language
10:40-11:29 3rd per.--AP Language
11:35-12:24 4th per.--Conference/Tutorials
12:30-1:19 5th per.--Pre AP English II
1:25-2:14 6th per.--Conference/Lunch
2:20-3:09 7th per.--Pre-AP English II
3:15-4:05 8th per.--AP Language


Mrs. Shana Halpin
397-2700 ext. 3273


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Tone Words List.pdf 9/4/2012


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Summer_Reading_Grade_10.pdf 8/25/2012
Summer_Reading_Grade_11.pdf 8/25/2012