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Johnson, Deana

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Mrs. Johnson may be reached at 210-397-2754.

Email: Deana Johnson

If you would like information about the orchestra program, please visit the Orchestra Web Page:


8:00-8:45     Office Hours (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri)

8:45-9:39     1st Period - Middle Schools (Tues/Thurs)/Conference (Mon/Wed/Fri)

9:45-10:34   2nd Period - Middle Schools (Tues/Thurs)/Conference (Mon/Wed/Fri)

10:40-11:29 3rd Period - Middle Schools (Tues/Thurs)/Conference (Mon/Wed/Fri) and Lunch

11:35-12:24 4th Period - Varsity Chamber Orchestra

12:30-1:19   5th Period - Varsity 0-hour String Orchestra

1:25-2:14     6th Period - Varsity String Orchestra

2:20-3:09     7th Period - Junior Varsity Orchestra

3:15-4:05     8th Period - Prelude Orchestra

4:05-4:25     After school duty (Wed)

4:05-5:00     Office Hours (Tues/Fri)

4:30-6:00     Varsity Rehearsal (Mon)


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