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Henicke, Anna

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Anna Henicke 

Chemistry Pre-AP and Regular

Room B134


If you would like to speak with me or set up a conference, please call 210-397-2700 extension 3134 and leave a message with your contact information, or send me an email and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

We love Chemistry!

Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
parent info english.docx 10/14/2013
PreAP Chem Syllabus '13-'14.docx 10/14/2013
Chem Syllabus '13-'14.docx 10/14/2013

Pre-AP Chemistry

Title Filename Modified
Notes Fission amd Fusion.pdf 1/25/2014
Practice - Fusion and Fission.doc 1/23/2014
Notes Nuclear Reactions.pdf 1/23/2014
Practice Nuclear Reactions.pdf 1/23/2014
Notes-Moles.pdf 1/23/2014
The Mole.ppt 1/23/2014
Practice - Mole (1 step).doc 1/25/2014
Notes - Molarity.pdf 1/30/2014
Practice - Molarity.doc 2/1/2014
Notes - Dilutions.pdf 1/30/2014
Practice - Dilutions.doc 1/30/2014
Notes-Empirical, Molecular and Hydrates.pdf 2/25/2014
Practice - Empirical Formulas.doc 2/25/2014
Practice - Molecular Formulas.doc 2/25/2014
Practice - Hydrates.doc 2/25/2014
Notes Percent Comp.pdf 3/1/2014
Practice - % Comp.doc 3/8/2014
Day 1 -Notes - Acid and Organic Nomenclature.pdf 1/25/2014
Day 1 - Notes - Balancing.pdf 1/25/2014

Regular Chemistry

Title Filename Modified
Worksheet Drawing Lewis Dot Structures.doc 10/24/2013
PeriodicityReview.docx 12/7/2013
Reviewing Ions.ppt 12/7/2013
Studyguide Bonding.doc 12/7/2013
Notes VSEPR Theory and Molecular Polarity.ppt 12/4/2013
Notes Nomenclature.pptx 12/4/2013
Chemical Reaction Lab data.doc 12/4/2013
Intro. to Chemical Reactions Guided Notes 2012.2013.doc 12/4/2013
Balancing Chemical Equations guided notes 2012.2013.doc 12/4/2013
Balancing Chemical Reaction.doc 12/4/2013
Boxing method for balancing.doc 12/4/2013
Worksheet - Ionic Bond Formation.doc 12/4/2013
My name is Bond Ionic Bonding. ppt.ppt 12/4/2013

About Me

About Me

Howdy! I'm Anna Henicke, Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2011! I have a bachelor of science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and am currently working on my masters in educational administration at Texas A&M University San Antonio. I love science and try and keep it as fun and relevant as possible for my students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Tutoring Schedule

Monday and Thursday after school until 5:00

By appointment


1st Period- Regular Chemistry

2nd Period- Pre-AP Chemistry

3rd Period- Regular Chemistry

4th Period- Pre-AP Chemistry

5th Period- Regular Chemistry

6th Period- Lunch

7th Period- Pre-AP Chemistry

8th Period- Conference

Pre-AP Announcements

Tentative Upcoming Test Schedule*

Wednesday-2/26 Quiz over stoichiometry

Wednesday-3/19 Exam over stoichiometry, limiting reagent, and percent yield

*Please note: This schedule is subject to change entirely. I will try and keep it updated, but it exists just for the purposes of planning your studying.