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English III-AP and Dual Credit


Welcome to English III-Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses for the 2014-2015 school year.  My name is Mr. Jones.  These courses focus on the development of several skills and growth in language, specifically the use of language to convey an argument.  Below are some of the objectives we will cover over the year:

  1. to learn how to develop, design, and create an argumentative essay;
  2. use appropriate research skills;
  3. to paraphrase and summarize, fairly and accurately, the ideas of others;
  4. to support a thesis with the works of others, well assimilated and appropriately documented, in a series of essays;
  5. to apply the principles of the writing process with an understanding of voice, purpose, and audience;
  6. to revise essays in response to comments from others so that improvement is evident to readers;
  7. to understand the connection between thought and language, the concepts that govern usage, and the various criteria for determining correctness and appropriateness of language in a given rhetorical situation; and
  8. to engage in several modes of writing with argumentative and persuasive texts.

I look forward to working with your child this year.  It is always a pleasure to watch my students grow into mature, thoughtful and productive adults--the next leaders of America.  Have a great year!


Blake Jones


Dear Parents,

I would like to give you a little information regarding the gradebook.  If a "grade (100)," a "missing (M)," or an "incomplete (I)," is not entered in the gradebook, then I have NOTGRADED or ENTERED an evaluation of that assignment. 

I post the assignments for the Six Weeks early so the students are aware of what they will be graded on and due dates.  However, until I enter a "grade" or a "missing" or an "incomplete," then I have not graded the assignment.  So, if all you see is a blank, rest easy, it will be entered once it is graded. 

Thank you 


Period 1       8:45 -   9:39        Room A210     English III-AP/Dual Credit

Period 2       9:45 - 10:34        Room A210     Creative Writing/Literary Magazine

Period 3     10:40 - 11:29        Room A210     English III-AP/Dual Credit

Period 4     11:35 - 12:24        Room A210     English III-AP/Dual Credit

Period 5     12:30 -   1:19                             Lunch

Period 6      1:25 -   2:14         Room A210     Conference

Period 7       2:20 -   3:09        Room A210     English III-AP/Dual Credit

Period 8       3:15 -   4:05        Room A210     English III-AP/Dual Credit 

Tutoring Schedule

Monday -Wednesday 5th & 6th period in A210    

Wednesday 4:10-5:10

Or by Appointment before school. 

Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
Directions for Accessing Sfiles.doc 9/17/2009
Letter to Parents for English III AP.doc 8/24/2009
Syllabus_English_III_AP.doc 10/12/2013
Syllabus Dual Credit 1301.doc 8/31/2013

Handouts & Documents

Title Filename Modified
Annotated_BibliographyMLA-1.doc.docx 3/19/2012
AP Binder and It Contents English III.doc 2/12/2010
AP Scoring Model.doc 8/31/2009
Lit Terms and Rhetorical Devices Handbook.doc 8/31/2009
Arrangements of Argument-Power-Point.pptx 4/10/2013
Book Cards.doc 12/7/2009
Causal Arguments PPT.ppt 2/12/2010
Constructing Argument.doc 4/13/2013
DADISSPPAAART Handout.doc 8/31/2009
Developing your Argument.ppt 4/8/2010
Dialectical Note Format.doc 8/28/2010
Double-Entry-Journal Format.doc 9/20/2014
Argument Unit Research Packet.docx 4/4/2015
Shooting an Elephant-Gathering Evidence.doc 10/4/2011
Integrating Quotations.doc 4/8/2010
50 essays Intro Questions.doc 9/12/2011
Introductions and Conclusions.pdf 4/5/2012
The Language of Composition.ppt 9/16/2009
Literary Analysis for Winter Break Read.doc 9/6/2011
Logical Fallacies and Satire.ppt 2/19/2010
Magazine Article review (7).docx 10/25/2014
MLA student paper Example.pdf 4/5/2012
On Being a Cripple Questions on Rhetoric and Stye.doc 4/20/2012
Student Self Evaluation.pdf 12/5/2011
Peer Review Guidelines.doc 1/2/2012
PAT Style Analysis.pdf 9/23/2011
Research Topics.doc 3/19/2012
Shooting an Elephant Argument Essay.doc 10/4/2011
Shooting an Elephant AP Multiple Choice Items.doc 10/4/2011
Shooting an Elephant Rhetorical Questions.doc 10/4/2011
Shooting an elephant text.doc 10/4/2011
SOAPSTone Template.doc 1/27/2010
The Basics of Rhetoric.ppt 9/8/2009
The Crucible Introduction.ppt 1/5/2015
The Crucible-Essay Prompt.doc 12/5/2011
Hot Zone Reading Questions .docx 12/17/2014
The Rhetorical Situation.ppt 8/26/2010
Thesis and Counter-Thesis Generator.doc 4/10/2013
Tone words.doc 9/23/2009
Figures of Rhetoric-Tropes and Schemes.ppt 1/30/2010
How to Edit 1st page and Works Cited MLA format.doc 1/28/2010
academic research.docx 4/7/2012
Using Quotations Effectively.pdf 10/20/2011
Visual Argument-Power Point Example.ppt 5/20/2014
Visual Argument-Student Example 2.pptx 5/20/2014
Argumentive_essay_powerpoint.pptx 5/20/2015
Writing an introduction.doc 3/30/2012
Body Paragraphs.ppt 4/16/2014
Writing Body Paragraphs.doc 4/16/2014
Writing a conclusion.doc 4/19/2014
Writing Counter-Arguments.doc 4/16/2014


Title Filename Modified
SAT Vocabulary List # 1.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary List # 2.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary List # 3.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary List -Quack Video Vol. 1.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary List-Quack Video Vol. 3.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary-The Crucible.doc 1/25/2010
SAT Vocabulary-The Red Badge of Courage.doc 1/25/2010
Quack-Vocabulary Volume 5.doc 4/14/2010
2nd six weeks tone vocabulary word list.doc 10/13/2011
Vocabulary-Tone and Attitude Words.doc 8/30/2011
Vocabulary 1-Extracted from AP Exam.doc 12/1/2011
Tone_Vocabulary_List[1].pdf 8/30/2011

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