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Classroom Procedures

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Classroom B103

Period 1    8:45 -  9:40   English III
Period 2    9:45 - 10:35   English III
Period 3   10:40 - 11:30   English III
Period 4   11:35 - 12:25   English III
Period 5   12:30 -  1:20   English III 

Period 6    1:25 -  2:15   Lunch
Period 7    2:20 -  3:10   Conference

Period 8    3:15 -  4:05   English III

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Anne Kolle
English Department
Teacher of English III

210-397-2700 x 3181


If you wish to have online access
to the English III textbook, email me
and I will send you the login information. 

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Tutoring Information

Tutoring in Library M & W 4:00- 6:00 - or by appointment

Mrs. Kolle's Hobbies

Indian Paint

Some of my hobbies include making jewelry, digital photography, gardening, reading, computing, painting (watercolor, pastel, oil) and compiling family histories.