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Algebra 2 Pre-AP is a rigorous study of functions and their properties with an emphasis on algebraic theory. This course prepares students for PreCalculus, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics. Since this is an honors course, students will be required to develop reasoning and higher order problem solving skills and complete project based learning activities.

Important Handouts

Title Filename Modified
FAQs for Alg II.doc 10/17/2013
Algebra II Course Outline.doc 10/17/2013

4th Six-Week's Assignments

Feb-18 Feb-19 Grph Rdcls/Trnsfrmtns Pract Daily Formative
Feb-20 Feb-20 Grph Rdcls/Trnsfrmtns Quiz Summative Quizzes
Feb-21 Feb-24 Solve Radicals Pract #1 Daily Formative
Feb-24 Feb-25 Solve Radicals Pract #2 Daily Formative
Feb-25 Feb-25 Solve Radicals Quiz Summative Quizzes
Feb-26 Feb-27 Radicals Applications Pract Daily Formative
Feb-28 Feb-28 Radicals Applications Quiz Summative Quizzes
Mar-3 Mar-3 Radicals Unit Test Grade Summative Tests/Projects
Mar-3 Mar-4 Variation Practice Daily Formative
Mar-4 Mar-5 Exponent Rules Practice Daily Formative
Mar-5 Mar-6 Rational Exponents Pract #1 Daily Formative
Mar-4 Mar-7 Week 5-1 Warm Ups Daily Formative
Mar-6 Mar-7 Rational Exponents Pract #2 Daily Formative
Mar-7 Mar-7 Variations & Exponents Quiz Summative Quizzes
Mar-17 Mar-18 Solve Rational Eqns #1 Daily Formative
Mar-18 Mar-19 Solve Rational Eqns #2 Daily Formative
Mar-20 Mar-20 Solve Rational Eqns Quiz Summative Quizzes
Mar-24 Mar-26 Rational Eqns Applications Daily Formative
Mar-27 Mar-27 Rational Eqns Apps Quiz Summative Quizzes
Mar-27 Mar-28 Xint, Yint, VA, HA Rational Eqns Daily Formative
Mar-28 Mar-31 Transformations of Rational Eqns Daily Formative
Mar-31 Apr-3 Intercepts, Asymptotes, Trnsfrmtns Quiz Summative Quizzes
Apr-3 Apr-3 Benchmark #3 Summative Tests/Projects
Apr-4 Apr-4 Rationals Unit Test Grade Summative Tests/Projects

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Room: B243

Phone:210-397-2700 ext 3283


Tutoring Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 4:15-5:30pm; mornings by appointment


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