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Ortegon, Linda

Lesson Plans

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Class Information

1st   English II        8:45-9:39

2nd   Conference    9:45-10:34

3rd   English II       10:40-11:29

4th    Lunch            11:35-12:24

5th   English II           12:30-1:19

6th   English II            1:25-2:14

7th   English II            2:20-3:09

8th   English II           3:15-4:05






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Updated October 28, 2013

Tutoring Information

Mornings from 8:00-8:30 (Mrs. Hermes)

Mondays, Wednesdays 4:05-4:30 (Mrs.Ortegon)

Library Tutoring is afterschool from 4:05-6:00

 Contact Information

Linda Ortegon

English II Teacher

397-2700 ext. 3147 Rm#B107

Conference-2nd Period-9:45-10:34


Class Handouts

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Ch 4 OMAM comic strips.doc 10/28/2013
Of Mice and Men.ppt 10/28/2013
OMAM themes.ppt 10/28/2013