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Last updated Feb. 11, 2014

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NEW: The 2014 issue of Hoofprints will have video available for many of the events covered by the staff. Come to F126 and ask us about it. To buy your 2014 yearbook online, click on the link to the left to buy with a credit or debit card, and follow the links to buy the 2014 yearbook. Select the package that best meets your needs. Buy your yearbook early for $60; the price will go up Dec. 1. Price from Dec. 2-April 15 is $65.
Journalism students will collect, write and edit news stories, characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without interpretation, and feature-oriented articles, which take an in-depth look behind the news, for publication in The Statesman newspaper and Hoofprints yearbook. Students will learn how to look for and develop stories, conduct interviews, write lead sentences, headlines, sub-headlines, and craft a well-organized story with integrated quotes.
View the John Jay High School newspaper samplings at the Jay website below the Important Information section. Read articles written by students, and view news and feature photos shot during Mustang activities. How­ever, any students can contribute their own stories and photos by going to F126 and seeing the newspaper adviser and Journalism teacher Fernando Serna. To view the latest, click on the link to the left.