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Rodriguez, Michael

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Mr. Rodriguez

1st  Geometry Pre-AP                8:45  -  9:39
2nd Geometry Pre-AP                9:45 – 10:34
3rd  Geometry Pre-AP              10:40 – 11:29
4th  Lunch                                 11: 35 –12:24
5th   Geometry Pre-AP              12:30 –   1:19 
6th  Geometry Pre-AP               1:25 –    2:14
7th  Geometry Pre-AP                2:20 –   3:09
8th  Conference                          3:15 –  4:05   

Our  study of  Geometry  will  be  more  than  the  study  of  definitions,  postulates or  theorems-  it  will  include  activities  and  experiences that  allow  the  students  to  finish  the  course  with  an  understanding and  a  feeling  for  the  value  of  Geometry  in  their  lives.  Geometry  arose in  response  to  certain  human  needs,  and  it has  survived  centuries  because  it  is  useful  in  solving  many  practical  problems in the  physical  and  life  sciences,  the  social  science and  the  humanities. 

Contact Information

  Michael Rodriguez 
Math Department
Geometry Pre AP
Room B239
Conference: 8th period (3:15 - 4:05)
(210) 397-7200 ext. 3279

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Tutoring Information

Wednesday and Friday  - 7:45 - 8:35
Mon. - Thur.
-4:15 - 5:15 
4th Period Lunch (Most Days)