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Rivera, Luis

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Assignments and Projects for Engineering Design and Presentation

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Mr. Rivera 


Luis Rivera

Career & Technology

 Engineering Design

   ACE Mentor Program Academic Advisor

Room A-218

Conference:3:15 PM - 4:05 PM (8th Period)

 Telephone: 210-397-2700 EXT 3258

E-mail Luis Rivera

                                           Click here:




Mr. Rivera's Schedule

8:45-9:39     1st Period     Adv. Eng. Design & Pres.

9:45-10:34      2nd Period      Adv. Eng. Design & Pres.

10:40-11:29    3rd Period      Eng. Design & Problem Solving

11:35-12:24    4th Period      Eng. Design & Presentation

12:30-1:19      5th Period      Lunch

1:25-2:14        6th Period      Eng. Design & Presentation

2:20-3:09        7th Period      Eng. Design & Presentation

3:15-4:05        8th Period      Conference

Tutoring Information

Before school, during lunch and conference (5th and 8th Periods), after school. By Appointment Only. 

Updated April 6, 2015