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Sweet, Dan

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Title Filename Modified
Second Semester Overview.pdf 10/14/2013
Syllabus.pdf 8/24/2013
2013 CETech 1st6WKS.pdf 8/24/2013
2013_COE Assignments First Day Handout.pdf 8/24/2013


Period 1   8:45-9:39     C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 2   9:45-10:34   C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 3  10:40-11:29  C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 4  11:35-12:24  C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 5  12:30-1:19    Lunch
Period 6    1:25-2:14    C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 7    2:20-3:09    C.E.Tech. Systems
Period 8    3:15-4:05    Conference

Handout/Download Zone

Title Filename Modified
Safety Contract.pdf 8/24/2013
Paper Airplanes Research Paper.pdf 8/24/2013
2013 Procedure for Student Semester Project.pdf 8/24/2013
Research Plan.pdf 8/24/2013

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Bulletin Board for Libraries, Centre for Digital Library Research, Strathclyde University, Scotland. Virtual Engineering Activities
Tutorial website for students! Very helpful for students needing help in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Geographic Website
ISEF Forms for Science Fair

Updated: August 22, 2013

Dan Sweet
CATE Department
Science & Engineering Academy
Biology I Pre-AP
, C.E.Technology
Academic Decathlon Coach
Conference: 11:35-12:24
(210)397-2700 ext.3157
E-mail Me!


Tutoring Information

Tutoring is available druing 5th period lunch, before or after school by request. 

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