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Wilson, Nnenna


1st Period 8:45-9:39    Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
2nd Period 9:45-10:34 Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
3rd Period 10:40-11:29 Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
4th Period 11:35-12:24 Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
5th Period 12:30-1:19 Rm. A124 Lunch
6th Period 1:25-2:14 Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
7th Period 2:20-3:09 Rm. A124 Pre-AP Biology
8th Period 3:15-4:05 Rm. A124 Conference

Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
Binder Check Rubric.doc 9/1/2010
Binder set-up procedures (1st semester) 2013-2014.doc 9/7/2013
Binder set-up procedures (second semester) 2013-2014.doc 8/26/2013
Biology Safety Contract.doc 8/18/2009
Contrato de seguridad para BiologĂ­1.doc 8/18/2009
Course Contract 13-14.doc 8/31/2013

Class Handouts

Title Filename Modified
Unit 1 Ecology Study Guide 2013_2014 revised.doc 8/31/2013
Unit 1 Syllabus 2013-2014 Ecology.doc 9/7/2013
Unit 2 Biochemistry study guide2013_2014.doc 9/28/2013
Unit 2 Biochemistry Syllabus 13-14.doc 9/28/2013
Unit 3 Cells Study Guide 13_14.doc 10/22/2013
Unit 4 Cells Syllabus 13_14.doc 10/22/2013

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John Jay Science and Engineering Academy
Pre-AP Biology
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Office: Rm A124
Conf. Period:3:15pm -4:05pm

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Wed. 11:30pm -12:00pm; Rm A124
Tues. & Thurs. 4:15pm - 4:45pm (By appt)  Rm A124