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Winter, Kimberly


Mrs. Winter's Class Schedule

Mrs. Winter's Class Schedule

1st Period          8:45am - 9:39am        English 3     R104

2nd Period         9:45am - 10:34am       English 3     R104   

3rd Period         10:40am - 11:29am      English 3     R104 

4th Period         11:35am - 12:24pm       English 3     R104   

5th Period         12:30pm - 1:19pm         English 3     R104

6th Period         1:25pm - 2:14pm          Lunch

7th Period         2:20pm - 3:09pm        Conference

8th Period         3:15pm - 4:05pm          English 3     R104 

Class Handouts

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Fun Grammar Games
Interactive persuasion map to help you organize your persuasive paper
Link to the prezzie on types of media.
Interactive essay map to outline your expository essay.
Can't spell? No problem. Look up the meaning, spelling and even listen to how it is pronounced!
grammar games
Incredible site to help all levels of writers. Includes information on writing process, style formats, and much more.

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Mrs. Winter

Kimberly Winter

English 3 Co-Teacher

Room R104

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Monday - Thursday

7:30 to 8:30