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General Overview

Since children may experience a variety of concerns at different developmental stages, Elrod's Guidance Program offers many services that assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development.  Guidance and counseling services are offered for all children in grades K - 5.

The guidance and counseling program at Elrod Elementary is designed to be proactive and preventative as well as developmental.  Ms. Rodriguez, the counselor at Elrod, works with students in three different settings:

1. All students in PreK - 5 receive classroom guidance lessons with their class approximately once every eight school days.

2. Students may be invited to participate in a small group setting.  In small group the counselor teaches specific skills to 3 - 6 students at a time.  These groups meet during the school day once a week for approximately six 30 minute sessions.

3. Individual students are seen by the counselor when they have a concern which may interfere with their ability to learn or concentrate on school work.  An appointment may be made to see the counselor by the student, teacher, parent or by invitation of the counselor.

Classroom Guidance


Guidance classes are a part of Northside's Comprehensive Guidance Program in which the counselors teach students skills to enrich their educational and social lives.  These skills are taught to entire classes several times per month.  The guidance curriculum is intended to support the objectives of academic instruction and to help students develop to their full educational and personal potential.  Parents are invited to visit the Counselor office and preview the materials that are used during Open House or by appointment. 

Guidance Lessons are intented to cover the following:

            7 Skill Goals       

  • Responsible Behavior
  • Motivation to Achieve 
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Self Esteem Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Cross-cultural Effectiveness 
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

            6 Pillars of Character

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship

Small Group Counseling



Ms. Rodriguez, the counselor at Elrod Elementary offers two types of small group counseling. The first type of group is developmental.  These groups address developmental topics such as socials skills, time management, organizational skills, etc.  These groups are intended for everyone and does not indicate a problem.

The second type of small group counseling offered is specific to a special concern or need.  These groups are offered to students who share a common concern.  Topics include, but are not limited to, divorce, military deployment, anger management, accepting grief or loss, making friends and building self confidence.

Students can be referred for small group counseling by parents, teachers, administrators or through self-referral.  Students will not be seen in a group setting without the written permission of a parent or guardian.


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