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Ms. Salazar


As Elrod's Art Teacher, I provide opportunities to develop and expand “right brain” learning, increase visual sensitivity and artistic and creative expression. I strive to improve listening, following directions, and  manipulative skills.

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I am starting my 37th year of teaching. I graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am certified to teach in Elementary Grades 1st - 8th, Elementary Art and Bilingual Education. 
 Art has always been a great part of my life. It has allowed me to express myself in a unique way and I enjoy it immensely. Art can be a useful, aesthetic and even theraputic at times. My goal is to help my students understand that everyone has artistic talent. Everyone can create and express themselves and their ideas using different mediums. More than anything I want my students to enjoy themselves in art class and to develop some basic skills in drawing, painting and sculpting. Elrod students have won several awards and cash prizes through the past 5 years. There is an abundance of creativity and talent at our school and it is my goal to help each child develop a set of artistic skills that they can utilize throughout the curriculum.

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Semester Contests

We have several city and district contests this first semester. So as you can see, we will hit the ground running as soon as the students begin school to prepare for these upcoming events.  Parents can help by encouraging their children to draw, paint or sculpt at home. A very child-friendly type of clay that can be used at home is Model Magic by Crayola. Students often bring in art projects that they have worked on at home. These projects are always great practice for the art work that they are doing in school. Thank you parents for your great support.

If you set up a homework area for your child add a few art supplies to the materials that you have made available to them. I always tell the children that the more that they practice drawing, the better they'll get at it. Drawing helps them to become aware of their enviroment. It helps them to notice lines and details. It helps to perfect eye- hand coordination. "How To Draw..." books make great Christmas gifts. I have several in the Art Room because the children love them.

 I will be sending information about some art contests that will be coming up during our Spring semester this year. We will also have some displays of children's art work during Open House Week. I hope that many of you can come by to see it.

Feel free to contact me at:

phone: 397-1800 ext. 3150
conference time is: 8-8:30am or 2:00-2:30pm

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Up Coming Contests

Students Get Ready!

Treasures of the Texas Coast- Deadline-February 15, 2013

Alignment School Display - date, place and time TBA.  This event consists of artwork from Warren High School and from all of its feeder schools, one of which is Elrod Elementary! This event will take place early in March.

 PTA is also sponsoring an art show in May. Details for this event will be relayed to you through our great PTA organization.