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Mrs. Loudermilk

This year marks my 27th year as a music teacher!  I have been fortunate to have spent the last 12 years here at Elrod and from time to time I see former students that I taught who are now in high school.  It makes me very happy to hear about their experiences in choir, band and orchestra and to see that the seeds planted in elementary music class continue to grow.

This year we will be singing, dancing and playing all sorts of instruments.  I look forward to another year of fun and learning in music class.  Ask your child to sing a song for you!


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phone: (210) 397-1800  ext. 3136

Conference time: 8:00-8:30 AM

Daily Schedule

Kindergarten - 8:35 - 9:20
First Grade - 9:25 - 10:10
Second Grade - 10:15 - 11:00
Fourth Grade - 11:05 - 11:50
Fifth Grade - 12:25 - 1:10
Third Grade - 1:15 - 2:00

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