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ALL prospective student-athletes MUST have a preparticipation physical examination on file before they may try out for a sport.  Additionally, they must have turned in a COMPLETED history and NISD physical card.  Failure to turn in a completed card will result in at least a day's delay in the student-athlete being allowed to try out and may result in them not being allowed to try out at all.  Physical cards can be obtained from the Training Room, or can be downloaded from this page.


The Athletic Training Room at Marshall High School is set up to provide care to ALL student-athletes that participate in our athletic programs.  The Training Room opens daily at 7:30 and remains open for all student-athletes until the beginning of first period.  It is open again during all lunches and then again after school.  Student athletes are EXPECTED to be at their respective practices and as such are EXPECTED to come to the Training room for treatment, rehab, and/or therapy before school or at lunch. 

Important Information

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