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Counselor's Corner

**Transcript Requests for 2009 graduates and below will need to call 397-8585**

Guidance Seminars 

Several seminars will be offered by the Counseling department aimed at helping students achieve their post secondary goals. Seminars are designed to help students with their planning for college and other opportunities. The seminars meet several times per year and are held during our coffee with the counselors.  Ms. Fryer from the College Café will further work with students in developing a portfolio breaking down all aspects of potential postsecondary applications into more manageable steps. Students will develop an activity list, practice interviewing, research postsecondary programs, continue to explore career interests, and develop a timeline to manage all the testing and application deadlines.

Students will utilize new information gained at the College Café and the Counseling department through seminars, conferences, guidance lessons, individual meetings will provide students with direction and assistance in the actual submission of applications, reminders of deadlines and be a continual mode of communication by which counselors can convey necessary and important information to students. 

Course Selection

Choosing appropriate courses should be a very reflective process. It requires students to think about their strengths and weaknesses, what has worked and hasn’t worked, and what goals they wish to achieve next year.  It is helpful for students to go through this exercise with their parents, before the conversation of “Which Courses should I take?’ occurs. The amount of work a student is ready to commit to should be a healthy compliment to any extra-curricular activities he/she wants to maintain. We believe students should have a healthy balance in their life between school and extra curricular activities.

Social, Emotional and Personal Support

In addition to working with all students to achieve academic success and assisting in developing a meaningful plan for life after high school, counselors help students balance all aspects of their lives in order to support personal growth.

College Tools and Information

Please visit the College Café located in the Cafeteria. Many colleges and universities send representatives from their Admissions office to Marshall High School. They provide a convenient way to learn about the institutions and application process, Student with Free periods or during lunch may attend the College Café or any session with visiting Universities. 

Individualized Student Planning

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Helpful Websites

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ACT web-site. The ACT is a college entrance exam.
Information on College Board services including the SAT.
It’s never too early to begin gathering information and to create a step-by-step plan. The following pages will help you get going, with info about choosing a college, the tests you need, the costs you can expect and more.
Video interview of a Latina student and reviewing the various supports she is receiving to go to college.
The official FAFSA web site. Start your financial aid planning here. Includes helpful tools for families with students in any grade level.
Don't know how much money you will need to earn in the future? Don't know which occupation to choose? No problem! Below are three options to help you select the right career for your spending needs.
TGSLC is a non-profit organization and the largest underwriter of student loans in Texas. Look here for articles about financial aid and student loans.
DID! Video of individuals who overcame various challenges to attend college.

Guidance Curriculum

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Online Responsive Services

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The Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas (CBCST) was founded on May 20, 1997, as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Recognizing the permanent impact loss can have on young people, the CBCST was established to help children and families grieving the death of a loved ones.
Finding help for a child with behavioral or emotional issues is not an easy one. Healing young minds & hearts.
If you or a friend are in an abusive relationship, you may feel like you are all alone - know that you are not.
Safeline is a proactive telephone hotline used to increase safety at Northside schools.
The Department of Family and Protective Services provides this secure website for reporting suspicions of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children, adults with disabilities, or people who are elderly.

System Support

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Information to parents about your child's graduation for Northside.
The Northside Independent School District understands the positive impact of providing education opportunities for the entire community.
Offers valuable resources that assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development
Stay connected with your students grades and attendence.
SSIP plans and implements a comprehensive drug and violence prevention program.
The Northside ISD School Age Parenting Program (SAPP) provides support services to teen parents to enable them to stay in school and work towards academic success