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AP/Dual Credit

Dual Credit Deadlines
  • All students must be eligible through Testing.
  • All Juniors will Apply the week of Nov 10th through English classes.
  • All Sophomores will Apply the week of Nov 17th through W.History classes.
  • Testing will begin in March (check back for dates).

Classes offered at Marshall

Art AP
Biology AP
Calculus AB & BC AP
Chemistry AP
Economics (Macro) AP
English Language and Composition AP & Dual
English Literature and Composition AP & Dual
Environmental Science AP
Government (US) AP
Latin Virgil AP
Physics 1 & 2 AP
Physics C Mech & E/M AP
Pre-Calculus H/Dual
Spanish Language & Literature AP
Statistics AP
US History Dual/AP
World History AP 
For questions or additional information contact:

AP Testing Dates

Registration March 2 - April 3, 2015 in L208. 

2015 TEST Date 8:00 12:00
Mon, May 4 Chemistry  
  Environmental Science  
Tues, May 5 Calculus AB/BC  
Weds, May 6 English Lit (12th grade)  Physics 1
Thurs, May 7 Computer Science Physics 2
   Spanish Language  
Friday, May 8  US History Studio Art deadline
   German Lang  
Mon, May 11 Biology

Physics C: Mechanics

2:00 Physics C: Elec/Magnetism

Tues, May 12 US Government  Spanish Literature
Weds, May 13 English Language (11th gd Statistics 
Thurs, May 14 World History (10th grade) Macroeconomics 
Fri, May 15    Latin