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AP/Dual Credit

Dual Credit Deadlines

Must test to be eligible.

Test schedule for March 20 and 21st.

Must have modules completed before test.

Due Dates and Deadlines

AP Schedule for 2014

Registration March 21 - April 2nd in L208. $20 for each test.

2014 TEST Date 8:00 12:00 2:00
Mon, May 5 Chemistry    
  Environmental Science    
Tues, May 6 Computer Science    
  Spanish Language    
Weds, May 7 Calculus AB/BC Chinese Language  
Thurs, May 8 English Literature (12th grade) Latin  
Friday, May 9 English Language (11th grade) Statistics  
    Studio Art  
Mon, May 12 Biology Physics B Physics C: Electricity/Magnetism
    Physics C: Mechanics  
Tues, May 13 US Government    
Weds, May 14 German Language    
  US History (11th grade)    
Thurs, May 15 Macroeconomics    
  World History (10th grade)    
Fri, May 16 Spanish Literature