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Young, Jay


Class Syllabus and Rules

Room N-104   e-mail -         Conference period - 7th

Class Objectives

1. To identify concepts and skills that foster individual personal health and safety.

2. To identify health-related concepts and skills that involve interaction between individuals.

3. To identify health-related concepts and skills that affect the well-being of people collectively.


Chapters To Be Covered

1 through 15 plus a CPR certification unit, Parenting and Paternal Awareness, and an STD and AIDS awareness unit.


Grading System

Assignments = 45%

Tests = 30%

Current Event Articles = 15%

Daily = 10%


Classroom Policies

1. Attendance is essential to your success in this class.

2. At the end of the period, I dismiss you, not the bell.

3. If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining any work you missed.  If you miss a test, you will be expected to take the test on the first day you are back in class.

4. You must have your book, paper, pen/pencil, and notebook with you every day unless you are instructed otherwise.

5. No fund raising items will be sold during class time.

6. No talking during announcements.






Zero - Health, N-104

First - Athletics, L-102

Second - Sports Medicine, L-102

Third - Health, N-104

Fourth - Training Room Duty, L-102

Fifth - Athletics, L-102

Sixth - Lunch

Seventh - Conference

Eighth - Athletics, L-102                             

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