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Thank you for visiting the Sports Medicine website for Stevens High School. We are committed to keeping our athletes healthy and most importantly safe. On this website you will find the rules for the Athletic Training room, the forms needed to participate in any sport here at Stevens HS, and several other very important articles of information.

Physical Paperwork - **VERY IMPORTANT**

ALL athletes are required to turn in physical paperwork EACH year prior to ANY physical activity, including try-outs, off season workouts (even during the class period), in season participation, etc. ALL incoming freshman, juniors, and new sophomore or senior athletes must have a physical performed by a doctor along with 3 other pages of information filled out. ALL RETURNING sophomores and seniors need to fill out pages 1, 3, and 4 of the physical paperwork, but do not need to fill out page 2, the preparticipation physical exam. You can find the physical paperwork at Coach K or Coach Martin's office or in the documents section to the right. ALL paperwork MUST be turned into the Athletic Trainers office (A235 - between the 2 locker rooms) in the morning between 8:00 and 8:45am. No coach or administrator is to accept this paperwork at any time.


If you or your athlete are in need of a physical, here a several options that we recommend:

1. Dr. Edmundo Garcia (9673 Marbach Rd.) 210-675-8390 - can usually make same day appointments

2. Dr. Josue Molina (9594 Potranco RD, Suite 102) 210-521-9500

3. Complete Urgent Care (10628 Culebra Rd. Ste. 200) 210-520-3737

      M-F: 8am -8pm, Sat/Sun: 10am-6pm  -  $25. for a limited time

3. Texas Med Clinic (any location in San Antonio)

Insurance Information

In order to be an athlete at Stevens High School, you must have current/active insurance. If this is not the case or you would like to purchase supplement insurance, you can purchase insurance through the school at an affordable price. Please visit the following website for further information:

*Athletes purchasing school insurance need to bring a copy of the receipt of payment to the athletic trainers. 

UIL Information

As per SB82, all parents are required to read and sign acknowledgment of the parent information manual. Please visit the following website to view or download this manual as well as other important information from the UIL.


Training Room Hours

7:30am - 8:30am : Morning Treatment (any athlete that has an injury can come see Coach K or Coach Martin during this time for an evaluation and rehabilitation if needed)

1st period: Athletic period (open)

2nd period: Sports Medicine 1 class (training room is closed)

3rd period: Athletic period (open)

4th period: Sports Medicine 2 class (training room is closed)

5th period: Athletic period (open)

6th period: Lunch (training room is closed)

7th period: Training room is closed

8th period: Athletic period (open)

Afterschool: Coach K and Coach Matocha will be in a gym or on the field with a team. Times will vary.  

Saturday Morning Sports Clinic

Our team physicians, The Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio, will host a Saturday morning walk in clinic from August 14th until the end of the year. The clinic will run from 7am to 10am unless otherwise posted. If you think you may need to attend this clinic, we HIGHLY recommend that you come to the athletic training room first for an evaluation so that we may help you determine the extent of your injury and help expediate your process with the doctors if we see fit.

If attending the clinic, please make sure you take your insurance card, social security number, and an insurance claim form if necessary. It is very important that you also bring us a note from the doctor stating what your injury is and if there are any restrictions. This is necessary for ANY doctors visit, even if it is just a walk in clinic Please follow the link for directions on how to reach their clinic on 21 Spurs Ln.

 Map to Clinic

Athletic Training Room Rules/Policies

1. The athletic training room is a medical facility. If an athlete is injured and cannot practice he/she will be under the care and direction of the athletic training staff. If the athlete sees a doctor, he/she is now under the doctors care (see rule 4 for further explanation)

2. ALL students in athletics MUST have the appropriate UIL physical forms on file in the athletic training room before they are cleared to participate in their sport. This includes any practice, before, during or after school, both in-season and out-of-season. The paperwork MUST be turned into Coach K or Coach Martin for review before being cleared.

3. Report all injuries to the athletic trainers and/or coaches. Injuries should be reported as soon as possible. If you miss morning treatment time, you will not be allowed to miss class unless there is an emergency.

4. Please notify the athletic trainers if you plan to see a doctor for your injury. Athletes MUST submit a doctor’s note immediately upon return to school. We must follow doctor’s orders, including return-to-play guidelines. If you are seen by a doctor you can only be cleared to play by a doctor unless otherwise indicated.

5. Morning treatments are from 7:30-8:30 am every school day. Please be prompt and allow for enough time for your treatment. Morning treatments are not a punishment for being injured, it is an opportunity to receive treatment and recover sooner.  

6. Report to your coach at the start of the period before coming for treatment. Immediately after treatments are over you will report back to your coach.

7. Dress appropriately for the athletic training room. NO sports bras, skirts, etc. Also, we do not allow shoes to be worn in the athletic training room for sanitary reasons.  

8. Athletes will continue treatments until CLEARED by the athletic trainer or doctor.

9. The athletic training room is not a place to "hang out" or lounge around. It is a medical environment and should be treated as so. Horse play, loud music, and loitering will not be tolerated.

10. Get to practice on time! Being in the athletic training room is not an excuse for being late to practice.

11. The Student Code of Conduct, the Stevens Athletic Code of Conduct and all other school policies will be enforced in the athletic training room at all times.

Who We Are

Head Athletic Trainer: Tim Kloewer (Coach K)

Coach K is a 1992 graduate of COE college in Cedar Rapids, IA with a B.A. in Biology. From 1992-1998, he was a football and basketball coach in Mount Ayr, IA, as well as the teams Athletic Trainer. He moved to Texas in 1998 and became the head athletic trainer at Taft H.S. in Northside Independent School District. In 2005, Tim was part of the inaugural staff that opened Stevens HS. Coach K has been both nationally certified as well as certified in the state of Texas since 1998. He is also a member of the NATA, SWATA, TSATA, and is a former president of the Alamo Area Athletic Trainers Association. In 2001, he was selected as the Athletic Trainer for the THSCA South All Star Basketball team and was also selected in 2005 to be the Athletic Trainer for the South All Star Football team.

Tim's wife Brandy is a drafting teacher at Warren HS / Construction Careers Academy, at NISD.  They have 2 sons, Ayden and Zayn..


Assistant Athletic Trainer: Monica Matocha (Coach Matocha)

Coach Matocha is a 2005 graduate of Texas Lutheran University with a degree in athletic training.  Monica became nationally certified and licensed in the state of Texas in 2005.  After graduation she worked at Garner & Riley Physical Therapy and Smithville High School.  In August 2006 Monica began working with the softball team at Texas State University.  During this time, she also received her master's degree in education.  She worked at Westwood HS beginning in August in 2008 until joining the Stevens Falcons in 2011. 

Monica's husband, Matt, is an athletic trainer at Texas Lutheran University.  They have one son, Mason.  


What does an Athletic Trainer do??

Athletic trainers are part of the allied health profession and work in a variety of ways to either help athletes heal from injuries or to help prevent injuries from occurring while athletes practice or compete. In the US, in order to be an athletictrainer you must complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in athletic training. Many people in this field also hold master’s degrees and PhDs. After completing the minimum college requirements, the athletictrainer must take examinations in the US to become board certified.

The Athletic Trainer tends to work alongside other medical professionals, and usually works with doctors, especially those who specialize in sports medicine. When an athlete is injured, the athletictrainer helps to carry out any plans and methods for healing injuries. Depending upon the injury, athletic trainers may help bandage, tape, or use methods that allow the athlete to continue in their sport immediately. Alternately, they may work with athletes by helping them do rehabilitative activities, assessing them for ability to return to competition, and continuing to note any problems or progress the athlete is making during recovery. Additionally, athletic trainers are on hand in most sports programs to evaluate exercises and the sport itself in order to make sure injuries are kept to a minimum.


Sports Medicine Calendar

Sports Medicine Calendar


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