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Credit Retrieval


Judi Cozart is the Coordinator for Credit Retrieval at Stevens, and Ben Curtiss works as the Credit Retrieval support teacher.

The mission of Credit Retrieval is to help students regain credits that they have missed, so that they can graduate with their peers.  We teach from 7:30 AM until 3:10 PM, and then after school from 4:20 PM until 5:30 PM. Our conference time is from 3:16 PM until 4:05 PM.

Please feel free to contact us during our conference at (210) 397-6571, or leave us a message at any time. 
Mrs. Cozart can best be reached through email at 
Mr. Curtiss can best be reached through email at

Thank you for visiting our webpage, and have a great day.   


If you need directions on using PLATO PLE, look at the "Documents Link" at top right side of this page. The "PLATO PLE Student User Guide" will answer any questions you may have.




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