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All major grades are weighted at 60% of total grade.  All daily grades are weighted at 40% of total grade.

Universal Materials List:



composition style (not spiral) notebooks

Parent Connection Triggers :

Parent Connection can trigger the parent when the son or daughter is absent or when a grade drops below a specified grade.  Parents can set this up now through Parent Connection on the web site. 

ALL English Classrooms can use your help. Suggested donations :

Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Scotch tape, masking tape, Dry-Erase Markers, highlighters, small 1x1 Post-it Notes, pens, pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper, construction paper, large scissors, glue sticks, colored printer paper, rulers, white mail envelopes, varied sizes of lined index cards, other materials as individual teacher requests.  All help is appreciated!

 Tutoring Schedule

    Each teacher is providing individual tutoring times; please view that teacher's page for the schedule.


READING AT HOME: All students enrolled in English classes will complete a novel each six weeks as independent selection, small group literature circles, or a major class study.  Students select these novels from libraries, so parents need to guide their child's choices regarding content in a timely manner so the child can finish projects for the class.  See individual teacher web pages for specifics.

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Important Documents

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2013 Stevens FreshmanSummerReading-1.pdf 7/11/2013
CopyofEnglishIIIAPSummerReadingAssignment.pdf 7/11/2013
EnglishIVAPSummerReadingAssingments.pdf 7/11/2013
Eng II Pre AP Summer Reading 14-15.doc 7/30/2014

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This links takes parents to the link on Parent Connection that tells step by step how to set up their computers at home.
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